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Current Projects

Suspended High-gain Millimeter-wave Antenna Arrays: Hybrid Fabrication using MEMS and 3D-Printer Technologies, Sponsor: NSF, PI: Ghalichechian,

Reconfigurable and Low-loss Millimeter-Wave Antennas using MEMS Paraffin Micro-actuators, Sponsor: NSF, PI: Ghalichechian, co-PI: Volakis

Research Support, Sponsor: Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, PI: Ghalichechian


Past Projects

Reconfigurable Antenna Arrays, Sponsor: Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems and DARPA, PI: Volakis, co-PI: Ghalichechian

Multiband Metasurface for Reduced Antenna Footprint and Jamming Mitigation,  Sponsor: Syntonics and US Air Force Research Laboratory, PIs: E. Lee & T. Lee, co-PI: Ghalichechian

A New Class of Millimeter-wave Phased Arrays for Secure High Data Rate Systems with Low Power Back-Ends, Sponsor: NSF EARS, PI: Volakis, co, PI: Ghalichechian