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Electrical Characterization of Novel Materials

Figure 2: Propagation model for transmission measurement Figure 1: (a) Amplitude and (b) phase of the transmittance for 0.78 mm-thick sample. Measured data are compared with the analytical and simulation model.

Understanding material properties (dielectric constant and loss tangent) are crucial in designing next-generation antennas and RF components at millimeter wave (30-300 GHz) and terahertz (>300 GHz) bands.

In our group, we have developed a free space measurement technique using terahertz time domain spectroscopy (TDS). Using the THz TDS, phase and amplitude of the transmitted wave is measured in the frequency range of 200 GHz –1.2 THz. Using the transmission data and an analytical propagation model, complex permittivity and a thickness of the sample are calculated.



Figure 4: (a) Extrapolated and (b) extracted values of loss tangent. Error bars represent one standard deviation.Figure 3: Real part of relative permittivity for various sample thickness.We use the Debye relaxation to model the complex permittivity of the material and extrapolate the results for lower frequencies.

We have measured the complex permittivity of the paraffin using this method. Paraffin is a low-loss phase change material that is used in the design of millimeter wave reconfigurable structures.

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